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What We Do

Vamos offers a unique outdoor experience. We work with the ELL and the Spanish speaking community, to provide opportunities for youth new to the Pacific Northwest to explore our natural surroundings and meet their peers in an environment designed to facilitate language and cultural exchange.

With a mix of native English and Spanish speakers on each trip, this exchange happens not only student to student but volunteer to student. Vamos participants become ambassadors and explorers before we even hit the trail.

While much of our work helps expose youth to wild, natural environments, these spaces aren’t as welcoming to people of color. We are helping empower these youth by giving them the skills and experience to feel comfortable and confident in outdoor and recreational spaces.

To see Vamos’ full list of activities, visit our Las Programas page

Why We Need YOU

Between our work in schools and in the outdoors we are serving over 45 kids, many of which are participating in multiple activities.

Our organization is in this amazing position where we have more kids wanting to participate than we can handle, and more outdoors/recreational/recreation organizations wanting to partner with us to create even more programming than we can handle.

It takes a community to realize our mission, and we are looking to develop the Vamos community to sustain even more children participating in our current programs. With our sites set on a future were we can offer more programs that can cater to a greater number of kids.